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Asian Cup 2015

Asian Cup 2015 - A Celebration for Multicultural Australia

19 January 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
As the biggest ever football tournament held in Australia, the 2015 Asian Cup is providing an unprecedented opportunity for local fans to see their home grown heroes compete on the world stage. read more

Victoria Calls on Australia to Get #TaxiTrippin

23 December 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
The Victorian Taxi Association has recently announced an exciting new initiative promoting dedicated and regulated taxi services.  read more
Catch public transport this New Year's Eve

Catching a Taxi in the CBD Area on New Years Eve

23 December 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
Sydney is one of the best places in the world to be for New Year's Eve. There's an array of vantage points to view fireworks and places to be throughout the city. Safe, regulated public transport is a great option.  read more
What's Your Plan B These Holidays?

Plan B Taxi Ads Urge Us All To Get Home Safely These Holidays

17 December 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Industry has today launched a new Christmas safety campaign to drive respect between taxi drivers and passengers and promote taxis as an attractive Plan B for getting home after a few festive drinks. read more
David Samuel, CEO Victorian Taxi Association

ABC Interview with CEO of Victorian Taxi Association

16 December 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
CEO of the VTA David Samuel discusses the taxi industry, compliance with the law and the relevance of ridesharing. read more
Commissionaires at the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference

Commissionaires Dressing Up For Christmas

05 December 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council today unveiled a new look for its Taxi Commissionaires, just in time for the busy Christmas season. read more
Where do Ridesharing Profits Go?

Where do Ridesharing Profits Go?

04 December 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
On top of gouging a minimum of 20% from the hip pocket of drivers for every single passenger fare with its illegal ridesharing service Uber X, concern has been raised about where Uber’s profits go. read more

NSW Taxi Council Proud of its Industry Advocacy

27 November 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
Uber has sent out emails stating that the NSW Taxi Council makes donations to political parties. There is a non-too-subtle implication that these donations might have some improper purpose. read more

Allegations Regarding Uber and Privacy is a Major Concern

26 November 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council advised today that it has written to both the NSW and Commonwealth Privacy Commissioners regarding concerns of the use of personal information by ridesharing firm Uber. read more
Lismore taxi driver praised for heroic actions

Taxi Driver Saves Woman From Horrific Knife Attack

25 November 2014 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council praised the heroic actions of New South Wales taxi driver Brett Fuller who saved a teenage girl’s life on the streets of Lismore over the weekend. read more