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There are significant traffic changes in Sydney CBD

Sydney Taxis Ready For Additional CBD Traffic Changes

02 December 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Sydney’s taxi services are ready for the second stage closure of George Street in Sydney CBD as part of the Sydney Light Rail construction, effective from 9pm, Wednesday 2 December. read more
Centre for Road Safety Campaign

New Drug Driving Campaign From Transport for NSW

01 December 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
People will start to hear a lot more about Mobile Drug Testing – which is to be known as MDT – on television, radio, online, in-venue and outdoor creative. read more
Ridesharing - it's not worth the risl

Ridesharing - It's Not Worth the Risk

26 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
It’s illegal and there’s plenty of reasons why. Find out what the NSW Taxi Council and the taxi industry as a whole is doing to fight ridesharing. Keep up to date with the latest information. read more
Response to Daily Telegraph Story on Taxis and Uber

Response to Daily Telegraph Story on Taxis and Uber

23 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council is not opposed to well-considered reform of the NSW Taxi Industry and the point to point transport sector generally, however any changes that have a negative impact on taxi licence owners must also be supported by proper and genuine structural adjustment. read more
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Tribute to Legion Cabs Co-founder "Ted" Anderson

10 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Ted was a founder of Sydney’s Legion Cabs and is a key figure in the ongoing links between the NSW Taxi Industry and Australia’s armed forces. read more
NSW Taxi Council advertising campaign

NSW Taxi Council Launches Second Stage of Campaign

06 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
NSW taxis have robust safety measures required by law to protect both passengers and drivers. These new ads remind passengers that the NSW Taxi Industry puts safety first. read more
Taxis at Kings Cross, Sydney

NSW Taxi Council Asks All Ministers To Think Carefully About Taxi Reform

05 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
As independently assessed by Deloitte Access Economics, the NSW Taxi Industry contributes over $1.15 billion in economic and social benefit to the community each year. read more
NSW Ambulance Awards 2015

Lifesaving Efforts of Sydney Taxi Driver Formally Recognised

05 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
NSW Taxi Council CEO Roy Wakelin-King has praised one of the NSW Taxi Industry’s finest taxi drivers, who was formally recognised by NSW Ambulance service with a prestigious ‘Saviour Award’. read more
Interview on 2GB radio

Ross Greenwood 2GB Interview With Roy Wakelin-King

01 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Interview on 2GB about government-controlled issuing of taxi plates and the impact of ridesharing on investments and taxi small business. read more
The NSW Taxi Industry provides over $1 billion in economic benefit to NSW each year

NSW MP Matt Kean Needs To Get His Facts Right

30 October 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Trying to influence policy decision making through media comment is not considered an appropriate course of action for someone in Mr Kean’s position. read more