NSW Taxi Industry Association - Board of Directors
Brian Wilkins Chairman
John Bowe    
Ray Meredith    
Geoff Ferris    
George Valiotis    
Peter Louridas    
Alex Georgiadis    
The NSW Taxi Council - Board of Directors
John Bowe President
Brian Wilkins Senior Vice President
Rhonda Chesterton Vice President
Peter Hyer    
Thomas Giangoulas    
Lee Furlong    
Peter Emery    
Country Taxi Operators Association - Board of Directors
Brian Wilkins President CTOA
Geoff Ferris Secretary/Tresurer CTOA
Steve Hockey President Southern Division
Kay McNiven Secretary Southern Division
Terry Newton President North West Division
Brian O'Sullivan Secretary North Western Division
Ashley Clark-Smith President North Coast Division
Mary Mummery Secretary North Coast Division
John Collins President South Western Division
Ian Favero Secretary South Western Division
Geoff Ferris President Western Division
Michael Miller Secretary Western Division
Richard Pittman President Hunter Division
Wendy Mason-Jones Secretary Hunter Division
NSW Taxi Council - Executive
Roy Wakelin-King AM Chief Executive Officer
Christina Klaasse Chellos Deputy CEO
Andrew McBride Manager, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Nick Abrahim Manager, Operations and Training