1 June 2014 The NSW Taxi Industry’s sponsored guide dog, Maxi, continues his training as he celebrates his first birthday. 

He has learnt the basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘heal’ and has even been to Hornsby Shopping Centre and Fagan Park with instructors. Maxi’s biggest claim to fame so far is appearing on the TV show, The Bachelor. He is described as a lively dog with lots of energy and a great personality.

For more than seven years, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has been an active partner of the NSW Taxi Industry and has made a series of presentations to the Taxi Council’s training seminars for new drivers.

Drivers have been very grateful for the lessons and at the end of each session have shown their appreciation with generous donations to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. In 2013, $30,000 was raised to allow the Taxi Council to sponsor Maxi.

In 2014 the collection continues as we work our way up to sponsoring a second puppy. 

  Maxi First Birthday