2017 Point to Point Transport Regulations Begin Today

01 November 2017 | NSW Taxi Council



Media Release

1 November 2017  



The NSW Taxi Council welcomes the new Point to Point Transport Regulations (2017) which go live today, Wednesday, November 1, 2017.   There are many changes across all platforms of the Point to Point Transport Industry, with safety for passengers being the key focus of the new regulations.

Whilst the new regulations will provide more flexibility for Taxis to compete for booked fares, Taxis remain the only option for passengers to access through either rank or hail.  It is illegal for a non-taxi vehicle to provide any form of rank and hail services.  We encourage for cases of Rideshare providers undertaking rank and hail services to be reported to the NSW Point to Point Transport Commissioner.

NSW Taxis’ continue to use security cameras and other safety devices in vehicles to ensure that all passengers receive a safe and reliable service, whether it is a booked journey or rank and hail.  NSW Taxis’ remain the safer option for passengers.

NSW Taxi Council CEO, Mr Martin Rogers said; “Although these changes are a step towards a more level playing field, our drivers and operators are still short of a competitor neutral environment.  We have the CTP Insurance reforms planned to come into effect December 1, 2017.”  Rideshare and other competitors in the Point to Point Transport sector have been paying a fraction of this cost.

Mr Rogers added, “Compliance and enforcement are a critical component towards ensuring passenger safety is always paramount. The NSW Taxi Council has developed a new Safety Management System in collaboration with industry stakeholders. The safety management system focuses on increasing standards on passenger and driver safety, and training of taxi drivers to enable improved delivery of customer service and experience when using a taxi.”