All Drivers Have A Responsibility to do the Right Thing on Increasingly Congested City Roads

04 August 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

In reference to The Daily Telegraph article by Jim O’Rourke, published 4 August titled: “It’s rank rage as queuing cabbies block the bus stops”, the NSW Taxi Council trains and encourages drivers to do the right thing in terms of setting down and picking up passengers in legal places.

Despite this, with the significant number of taxis on the road, limited curb space in the City and the demands of passengers, some taxi drivers have been forced to use bus stops on occasions.

It is not the intent of these drivers nor the NSW Taxi Industry more broadly to in any way inconvenience passengers, whether they are on buses, in taxis or other forms of public transport.

It must be acknowledged, however, that in an increasingly congested city and highly competitive environment, taxi drivers are presented with many challenges in order to take home a reasonable day’s earnings.

Whilst we acknowledge the need to uphold the law, a $248 fine can take a taxi driver’s earnings away instantaneously and this can be both a demoralising and frustrating experience.

This frustration among taxi drivers is compounded when they see illegal ridesharing vehicles breaking numerous laws, including picking up and setting down at bus stops and on taxi ranks.

If there is to be a crackdown, then we should make sure our priorities are clear in this context.

The NSW Taxi Council has today sent a note to all networks asking them to remind drivers of their obligations and we are also asking all taxi drivers and bus drivers to behave in a professional and responsible manner, and not become involved in disputes.