All Point to Point Transport Providers at Sydney Airport Must Pay Their Way

16 May 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council notes Sydney Airport Corporation Limited’s (SACL) plans announced today to resolve access for all point to point transport providers at the Sydney Domestic Terminal. 

These preliminary plans are a constructive step forward for resolving what is a complex and controversial issue. 

The NSW Taxi Council calls on all parties to continue working with SACL so that a sustainable and equitable solution can be achieved. 

Of critical importance is that all point to point transport providers must pay the airport access fee. The NSW Taxi Council therefore calls on Uber to abandon their unilateral direction to drivers to use the domestic terminal free public pickup area, thereby avoiding the airport access fee. It is vital for equity and fairness that everyone complies with the same rules. No one should be seeking to obtain an unfair advantage from this plan. 

Uber must also abandon direction to their drivers to queue on surrounding residential and commercial properties until the appropriate facilities are available, as this action continues to negatively impact on those businesses and residents within the Airport precinct as well as the Rockdale local government area. 

Further time is needed to finalise these new arrangements, however this proposed plan has the potential to be a workable solution and the NSW Taxi Council reaffirms its commitment to the process. 

It is also noted that plans for the Sydney Airport International Terminal are yet to be discussed with key stakeholders. 

The NSW Taxi Council therefore calls on SACL to finalise this matter as soon as is possible.