CTP Reforms - A Step in the Right Direction

16 October 2017 | NSW Taxi Council
NSW Taxi Council
Media Release
16 October 2017

CTP Reforms - A Step in the Right Direction

The NSW Taxi Council welcomes the announcement from the Minister for Finance, Services and Property, The Hon. Victor Dominello on the CTP reforms due to commence on 1 December, 2017.  

The CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Mr Martin Rogers said, "Whilst this process has taken some time to get to this point, the CTP reforms are a very important step towards a more level playing field, and competitor neutrality.” Mr Rogers added, “for too long now there have been inequities in the Point to Point Transport sector, and the CTP reforms are one example of removing these inequities.” 

The NSW Taxi Council supports the proposed modelling for Taxis and Hire Vehicles, however Mr Rogers insists that the new CTP scheme must be supported with a robust and stringent enforcement regime. 

"It is absolutely critical that any Service Provider wishing to provide a passenger service, must pay their way and have the necessary insurances in doing so", Mr Rogers added. 

We would like to acknowledge the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, as well as the Minister for Finance, Services and Property, the Hon Victor Dominello for their collaborative and consultative approach with the NSW Taxi Council, throughout the review process.  

For any further media enquiries, please contact the NSW Taxi Council, Deputy CEO, Mr Nick Abrahim on (02) 9332 1266 or communications@nswtaxi.org.au