Getting Reform Right for Point to Point Transport

28 August 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council notes today’s release of the Point to Point Transport Taskforce Discussion Paper.

The NSW Taxi Council is reviewing the Discussion Paper in detail and in response will provide a comprehensive submission about the future of the NSW Taxi Industry.

CEO of the NSW Taxi Council Roy Wakelin-King said it is important that all proper facts about Point to Point transport are established and considered so that sensible and sustainable options for reform are put forward.

“Central to this debate is the creation of a level playing field and for essential safety and reliability standards to be implemented and upheld,” Mr Wakelin-King said.

“Creating an imbalance where one sector can cheat the system and profit at the expense of others is neither equitable nor sustainable.

“This Review is a once in a generation opportunity to implement meaningful reform for the Point to Point transport sector, which builds on the achievements of the past and embraces the opportunities of the future.

“It’s therefore vital that we get this process right and produce an outcome that is in the public interest.”

NSW Taxi Council Point to Point Transport Taskforce webpage

Point to Point Transport Taskforce Discussion Paper