Kansas City Mayor's Scathing Speech Against Uber and Lyft

30 April 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

In April 2015, the Kansas City Management Office (KCMO) City Council in the United States unanimously approved an updated “Vehicles for Hire” code.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James said, “we said to Uber we want to do background checks and they said we don’t want you to do background checks.”

“Why can’t we see the background checks of the people driving the cars in this city? Who are picking up citizens in this city? Because it’s a matter of privacy they [Uber] say.”

Mayor James continues, “well it’s not a matter of privacy to put people in your car, put your name and your face on the receipt when you send it to them by email. It’s not a matter of privacy, and the reason that we’re keen on background checks is that we are very much aware of the issues that this operator and others have had across the country from drivers who they supposedly had background checks on.”

View Mayor of Kansas City's scathing speech about Uber obstructing regulation.