The Law Must Be Upheld

31 July 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council has called for swift action to uphold the law in relation to public passenger services in light of the withdrawal of charges against 24 Uber X drivers for technical reasons.

Whilst the NSW Taxi Council welcomes the NSW Government’s public commitment to a crackdown against illegal ridesharing, the decision by NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) to withdraw the charges against Uber X drivers has caused significant concern amongst taxi drivers, operators and owners and reinforced the need for the law to be upheld.

Statement from Transport for NSW: Rideshare drivers targeted in compliance operations

The CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Mr Roy Wakelin-King, said that law abiding taxi owners, operators and drivers are increasingly frustrated at the lack of action against illegal ridesharing. 

“The NSW Taxi Industry does the right thing and complies with the law, yet we are witnessing drivers providing illegal ridesharing services breaking the law every day and nothing substantive appears to be being done about it,” Mr Wakelin-King said.

“You can’t cherry pick the law. The rule of law is a fundamental aspect of society and it must be upheld.

“It continues to astound us that Uber can offer an illegal service, pay the fines of drivers who are caught and still not be held accountable.

“If illegal and unsafe heavy transport services were being provided and the company concerned was paying the fines of drivers breaking the law, the action would be swift and decisive,” he said.

The issue of non-compliance with the law also goes to fair competition in the market place.

“Any business can offer a cheaper product when they ignore the cost of compliance,” Mr Wakelin-King said. 

“People using Uber X say price is a key factor, yet we do the right thing and are being disadvantaged for it.  It is simply not fair and it is unsustainable.”

Mr Wakelin-King said that the NSW Taxi Industry would continue to work through the NSW Government’s Point to Point Taskforce to address these inequities, however in the interim, the law must be upheld.