Level Playing Field is a Must For Point to Point Transport Services

20 June 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council is calling on members of the NSW Parliament to ensure that a genuine level playing field is established in the upcoming debate of the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Bill 2016 this week. 

CEO of the NSW Taxi Council Mr Wakelin-King said, “all service providers in the point to point transport sector must be able to compete fairly and the costs of regulation must be met by all”.  

“There can no longer be structural disadvantage for the NSW Taxi Industry which has had to compete unfairly against ridesharing providers who have little or no costs to operate their services.” 

“This is akin to trying to win a fight with one hand tied behind your back and when you’re in the ring against a $60 billion multinational corporation, you at least need to know that the rules will be the same for both sides.” 

Mr Wakelin-King said, “whilst we welcome the certainty that the legislation will ultimately bring to this issue, there remains key structural differences in areas such as CTP insurance and workplace relations that need to be resolved before this reform process can be properly concluded”. 

Critical to this reform process is also fair and reasonable compensation for hard working members of the NSW Taxi Industry who have been negatively impacted by these changes. 

Similar to the significant compensation that was paid to dairy farmers, Ansett staff and the timber workers arising from changes to those industries, the structural adjustment payments to taxi licence owners is critical to ensure that people who have had their livelihoods irrevocably changed are supported.  

Mr Wakelin-King said, “helping hard working Australians though a difficult period of change is something that we have done time and again as a nation, and it is only fair and right that this occurs for the mum and dad taxi owners and operators in this case”. 

“We need to ensure that there is enough ‘petrol in the tank’ to help these people through these difficult times and I ask all Parliamentarians to consider this matter in the spirit of a fair go.”