New Drug Driving Campaign From Transport for NSW

01 December 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

Transport for NSW has launched NSW’s first ever drug driving campaign, MDT. There’s no escaping it to help deter a significant road safety issue on our roads - drug driving.

This is a campaign that the NSW Taxi Council fully supports and, as an industry, we will be assisting the authorities in this campaign wherever required.

Authorised NSW taxi drivers cannot drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This is an important part of providing safe and reliable taxi transport services and therefore we have a zero tolerance policy.

People will start to hear a lot more about Mobile Drug Testing – which is being shortened to MDT – on television, radio, online, in-venue and outdoor creative.

The new campaign focuses on the likelihood and consequences of being caught drug driving. Just like alcohol, illegal drugs do all kinds of things to your brain and can ultimately affect your ability to drive safely. What’s more, 30 per cent of the drug users involved in recent NSW Centre for Road Safety research admitted to driving with an illegal drug in their system. 

Enforcement and testing

Mobile drug testing will be tripling to 97,000 tests each year by 2017, and additional NSW Police cars will be equipped to undertake mobile drug testing on drivers to detect the most common illegal drugs - ecstasy, ice, cannabis and speed.

As with RBT, drivers will be asked to provide their licence and complete a breath test for alcohol. 

They can then be asked to wipe their tongue down a test stick to check whether they’ve got illegal drugs in their systems. 

Drivers caught with illegal drugs in their system will face court, could lose their licence, get hit with a fine and end up with a criminal record. 

For more information, visit the State Government’s Centre for Road Safety website.