New Point to Point Transport Laws Require Effective Compliance

28 June 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council has called on the State Government to make sure that the new point to point transport laws are equally applied to everyone involved in the sector. 

NSW Taxi Council CEO Roy Wakelin-King said it was high time for official or unofficial grace periods for new operators to end and for all providers to be held to account. 

The passing of the Point to Point Transport (Taxi & Hire Vehicle) Bill 2016 now brings into focus the importance of effective compliance to uphold the new laws. 

Mr Wakelin-King highlighted this issue as an opportunity to re-establish confidence and trust in the rule of law and particularly with the new regulator. 

“There should no longer be room for any service provider to ‘off shore’ its accountability or avoid their obligations in ensuring safe and reliable point to point transport services,” Mr Wakelin-King said. 

“It is vital that the new laws are supported with effective and consistent compliance so that confidence and trust is rebuilt in this area. 

“It is no longer acceptable for Uber drivers to be let off with cautions for not having a public passenger driver authority whilst taxi drivers are being fined for not having a worksheet.  This situation is untenable and it has significantly eroded confidence in the regulator’s ability to uphold the law. 

“Central to achieving this will be the selection and appointment of the new Point to Point Transport Commissioner.” 

The NSW Taxi Council will be looking to the new Commissioner to repair the damage of the past and to ensure that the new laws are equally applied to everyone involved in the point to point transport sector. 

The new Commissioner will be entering an environment that has been badly affected by the controversy of the past. It is therefore important that this person moves quickly to build confidence that the new regulatory framework will be properly implemented. 

This will need to be achieved by the Commissioner working to build respect and confidence to ensure that all providers, irrespective of size and ownership, are held to account. 

In this regard, the NSW Taxi Council looks forward to working with a new regulator who brings a fresh perspective to this important role.