NSW Point to Point Transport Reforms

25 October 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

Notice for NSW taxi licence holders

Applications for the $20,000 transitional assistance payments for eligible taxi licence holders remains open. Information on the criteria for separately assessed hardship cases is yet to be finalised, with details expected by the end of November 2016. View the latest information on the Transport for NSW Point to Point Transport section here

NSW Taxi Industry Adjustment Assistance Package - Frequently Asked Questions 

The industry adjustment assistance package includes transitional assistance of $20,000 per eligible ordinary transferable licence, for up to two licences. This is for taxi licence holders who held a licence before 1 July 2015 – and continue to hold that licence up until payment of the transitional assistance – to help adjust to a more competitive market, and to offset a reduction in income.

Transport for NSW, 18 July 2016 - Applications open for taxi industry adjustment payments

Transport for NSW - Information on Point to Point Industry Assistance

TfNSW Point to Point Transport Reform Contacts: 1300 767 923 / pointtopointinfo@transport.nsw.gov.au 

Office of Small Business Commissioner - Point to Point Transport Support

If you are a licence holder wishing to book an appointment with a Business Advisor in your local area, you are encouraged to call: 1300 661 539.

On 8 July 2016, the NSW Government released regulations to facilitate the payment of transitional assistance funds to eligible NSW taxi licence holders. 

Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2016 

Transport for NSW - Point to Point Industry Assistance 

 On 22 June 2016, the Point to Point Transport (Taxi & Hire Vehicle) Bill, 2016 passed the NSW Parliament.

NSW Taxi Council, 23 June 2016 - Passing of Legislation is Just One Step Towards A Level Playing Field

The next steps involve setting up the Compensation Panel (of which the NSW Taxi Council is a member) and getting the first round of compensation payments sent to members. The Bill is also just the next stage in the reform process.

The following key issues remain to be resolved: 

·      CTP Insurance reform 

·      Workplace relations reform

·      The development and implementation of the supporting regulations 

·      Development of new policy and procedures for member networks

The NSW Taxi Council is continuing to press for these matters to be finalised quickly so that the level playing field can be properly established. 

NSW Ministry for Transport, 23 June 2016 - Historic Green Light for the New Transport Economy




The NSW Taxi Council notes the NSW Government’s introduction of draft legislation on point to point transport reform, with details now available on the Parliament of NSW website.

The bill was tabled on Thursday 2 June 2016 and will be debated in NSW Parliament in coming weeks.

Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Bill 2016

NSW Transport Minister Second Speech Transcript (Point to Point Bill)

NSW Taxi Council Statement, 20 June 2016 - Level Playing Field is a Must for Point to Point Transport Services


The NSW Government announced its decision to reform the Point to Point Transport Sector, including taxis, hire cars, tourist vehicles, communicty transport and rideshare services on 17 December 2015. 

New Point to Point Transport Reform Contact Hotline - 19 May 2016

NSW Taxi Council Response to Point to Point Reform - 17 December 2015

The NSW Taxi Council reiterates that it is continuing to meet regularly with the NSW Government to ensure that the overall structural adjustment package is adequate and that there is a genuine level playing field between taxis and private hire vehicles, including Uber.

We will not be talking our industry down, as we firmly believe that we will come through this and continue to be an industry that has strength and opportunity. These are not cheap words; this is the conviction of the NSW Taxi Industry leadership group and we are committed to this cause.

Customer service is of utmost importance for the taxi industry
Customer service is of utmost importance for all Point to Point transport throughout NSW

We encourage people to view official, up-to-date information from the NSW Government’s Point to Point reform page.


  • Rank and hail preserved for taxis
  • No new taxi licences in Sydney for at least 4 years – limits exclude Sydney
  • Reduced regulatory costs
  • Removing of burdensome regulations
  • $254 million as part of a compensation package
  • NSW Taxi Council to play a key role in representing the industry and communicating key elements of the reforms 

Support is available for small businesses affected by the reforms to the regulation of point to point transport services in NSW. View the point to point support package details here.


  • Taxi industry sustainability – metro and country areas
  • Adequate compensation and reasonable returns on investments / hours on the road
  • Equitable reform – eg CTP insurance, industrial relations, competition laws, etc
  • Proper compliance and regulation/enforcement
  • Fair go in respect of competition (eg universal app ihail being allowed to market)

Daily Telegraph Article – 2 March 2016: CTP insurance reforms to cut the costs of greenslips 

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Transport for NSW Taxi Licence Determination - 4 April 2016

Point to Point Taskforce Recommendations and Government Response

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A new era for Point to Point transport

Summary of regulatory changes 

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Drivers at Sydney Olympic Park
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Drivers at Festival of all Abilities Festival, Sydney Olympic Park

Additional Information From Transport for NSW

Are you a current taxi or private hire vehicle driver?

Are you interested in becoming a taxi driver?

Are you a current taxi or private hire vehicle operator?

Are you interested in becoming a taxi or private hire vehicle operator?


NSW Taxi Council response to Daily Telegraph Story on Taxis and Uber - 23 November 2015

The NSW Point to Point Transport Taskforce Discussion Paper was released on Friday 28 August 2015. Submissions were required by 25 September 2015.

NSW Taxi Council Submission - Point to Point Taskforce

As previously highlighted, the NSW Government has asked the taskforce panel for a report by the end of October 2015.

The NSW Taxi Council has made a detailed submission accordingly and has engaged with various stakeholders as part of this process.

View the Point to Point Transport Taskforce Review Discussion Paper in full here




How do I make a submission?

Point to Point Transport website

Stakeholders are encouraged to make their submissions online, either by using the online submission form or by uploading submissions to the website.

Alternatively, submissions may be:

Emailed to: pointtopoint@transport.nsw.gov.au

Faxed to: 02 8265 6480

Mailed to: Secretariat, Regulation of Point to Point Transport Level 7, 12 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000

Submissions should be made no later than 25 September 2015. The taskforce will consider submissions received after the published deadline at its discretion.

There is no standard format for submissions. All submissions should address the matters covered in the discussion paper and the taskforce terms of reference. 

The NSW Minister for Transport, the Hon Andrew Constance, has announced a review into the point to point transport sector in NSW. 

The review will be headed up by Professor Gary Sturgess, AM and supported by Mr Tom Parry AM. It will be conducted over the next four months and the Minister has asked for a report to be provided to him by October 2015.

The NSW TIA and NSW Taxi Council support the decision of the NSW Government to carry out a review of the Point to Point transport industry. The NSW TIA and NSW Taxi Council believe it is important to shine a light on the many issues affecting the NSW Taxi Industry and that includes the challenges being presented by illegal ridesharing.

For too long there has been a very uneven playing field and this review represents an important opportunity to redress this inequity.

It is also a good opportunity for the NSW Taxi Industry to bring forward the important reforms it has been working on and advocating for over a number of years. These initiatives have real customer benefits and will be highlighted during the review process.

NSW Government: Taskforce to Examine Point to Point Transport

NSW Taxi Council Supports Point to Point Transport Review

NSW Government: Wheels in Motion for the Future of Point to Point Transport

Point to Point Taskforce - Terms of Reference

Who is undertaking this review?

Point to Point Transport Taskforce Discussion Paper

Point to Point Transport Factsheet

View the www.pointtopointtransport.nsw.gov.au/ page here for more information.

Members: Log in and visit: Members > Governance for more information about the NSW Taxi Industry Association Briefing on 10 August.