NSW Taxi Council Asks All Ministers To Think Carefully About Taxi Reform

05 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

Today the NSW Taxi Council is asking all Transport Ministers to consider the impacts that any reform of the taxi industry will have on the tens of thousands of families who make up the taxi industry. 

All State and Federal Transport Ministers are meeting today as part of the Transport and Infrastructure Council and it is likely that the issue of reform of the taxi industry will be discussed during the deliberations. 

In NSW alone, over 30,000 families directly rely on the taxi industry for their livelihood, including owners, operators and drivers.  

As independently assessed by Deloitte Access Economics (see link below), the NSW Taxi Industry contributes over $1.15 billion in economic and social benefit to the community each year.  This includes over $100 million in GST revenues and approximately $20 million in direct levies to the NSW Government. 

Deloitte Access Economics report 

The taxi industry also provides over 17,500 full time Australian jobs that deliver economic and social benefits right across NSW.  These are real jobs delivering real services in an important transport service sector for our State.  Furthermore, in NSW alone, the taxi industry supports over 1,000 full time jobs in other parts of the economy, such as vehicle parts suppliers, automotive repairers and insurance agencies that provide good and services to taxi owners and operators. 

Extrapolated across Australia, this economic and social benefit is all the more significant with the Australian Taxi Industry making a sizeable contribution to the nation’s economy and well-being. 

These economic and social benefits are being provided by the taxi industry within a regulated framework that underpins safe and reliable taxi transport services, and whilst the industry is not opposed to reform, we ask all Transport Minister’s to consider this issue very carefully so that the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Australians are not adversely affected through poorly designed reform. 

This was the message from respected financial and economics commentator, Mr Ross Greenwood, in his interview with CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Mr Roy Wakelin-King on Friday 30 October 2015 (see link below). 

Ross Greenwood interview with Roy Wakelin-King on 2GB