Response to Daily Telegraph Story on Taxis and Uber

23 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council notes the story in today’s Daily Telegraph containing speculation on taxi industry reforms and the possible legalisation of Uber. The NSW Taxi Council has sought urgent clarification from NSW Government on the status of the Point to Point Transport Taskforce Review as well as the proper process for its release and the NSW Government’s response. 

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The NSW Minister for Transport wrote to the NSW Taxi Council stating that Government’s response to the Point to Point Transport Taskforce Review would be released in “due course”. The NSW Taxi Council is therefore seeking more specific details of matters raised in the Daily Telegraph today, as the story appears to be premature to a proper Government announcement on this complex and critical issue. The Council also notes the comments made today by the NSW Premier that the Taskforce Report is yet to go to Cabinet.  

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The NSW Taxi Council is not opposed to well-considered reform of the NSW Taxi Industry and the point to point transport sector generally, however any such reform must ensure safe, reliable and quality taxi transport services through a proper and enforceable level playing field for all point to point transport operators.  

Any changes that have a negative impact on taxi licence owners must also be supported by proper and genuine structural adjustment. Taxi licence owners have invested in the NSW Taxi Industry in good faith under laws established by government and upheld for many decades and, like other industries that have undergone micro economic reform that has had negative impacts, compensation and structural adjustment must be part of this process.

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