Taxi Customer Satisfaction Remains High

23 March 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council has welcomed the Customer Satisfaction Index findings released by Transport for NSW today. 

Overall satisfaction levels for Sydney taxi services remains high at 82%, with the key areas of safety, reliability and convenience ranking on or close to 90%. 

CEO of the NSW Taxi Council Roy Wakelin-King said the survey results – collected independently from over 17,000 public transport users for the six month period to November 2015 – highlighted that the taxi industry continues to perform well, despite the significant disruption it has experienced over the last 12 months. 

“It is a significant outcome given that the NSW Taxi Industry is privately funded. Unlike trains, ferries and buses which receive billions in tax payer subsidies each year, the NSW Taxi Industry must pay its own way as a public transport provider to achieve these commendable results,” Mr Wakelin-King said. 

“As an industry, we are also acutely aware that good customer service provision requires ongoing commitment and diligence and, whilst these results are very encouraging, we are not sitting on our laurels. We are striving for even better performance through greater efficiencies and innovation.” 

Mr Wakelin-King also called on State and Local Governments to do more in terms of amenity at taxi ranks. 

“The assessment of our overall services is being negatively impacted by poor levels of amenity at taxi ranks. Since taxis have been included in the Customer Satisfaction Index Survey, amenity at taxi ranks has continuously held us back. More needs to be done to improve amenity at taxi ranks and we ask State and Local Governments to further invest in this area for the benefit of the travelling public,” Mr Wakelin-King said. 

Mr Wakelin-King pointed to the work being done by the City of Sydney as a good example of how amenity can be increased at taxi ranks through better planning, investment and collaboration. 

“We are working closely with the City of Sydney as part of its late night transport working group and this has had a positive impact for our customers.” 

Some of the notable customer satisfaction levels for taxis include:

  • 90-91% accessibility
  • 90% ease of payment
  • 90% convenience of drop off location
  • 89% feeling safe in a taxi
  • 88% comfort within the vehicle
  • 88% ease of finding a taxi rank
  • 86% journey travel time, and
  • 85% knowledge of driver in getting passenger to destination.  

The full Customer Satisfaction Index findings for November 2015 are available on the Transport for NSW website.