Ten Customer Service Tips for Drivers

11 December 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

These simple but important practices will ensure you’re best placed to have an enjoyable shift and, in most cases, achieve generous tips from your customers.

1)      ALWAYS greet your customers with a friendly welcome.

2)      Be clean and well presented at all times with a priority on uniform and personal hygiene.

3)      Ensure your vehicle is clean inside and out and that you leave enough time for a full safety check before the commencement of each shift.

4)      ALWAYS assist your passengers with luggage, shopping or other large/heavy items.

5)      At the end of each journey check your vehicle for any items customers may have left behind.

6)      Under no circumstance should a driver make or take personal phone conversations while a passenger is in the vehicle.

7)      Avoid conversations about politics or religion, as this subject can often cause offense and discomfort to customers.

8)      NEVER ask passengers personal or private questions and avoid suggestive comments or inappropriate language at all times.

9)      NEVER refuse a hiring (no matter the fare) unless there are extreme circumstances (eg intoxicated or aggressive passenger). Cherry picking and touting are illegal and if you choose to engage in these practices, you can expect to be reported with potential for disciplinary action.

10)   At the completion of each journey, ALWAYS thank the customer(s) and wish them a pleasant day/night.

Emphasis on Good Customer Service

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