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Uber's Price Gouging Reaches Obscene Levels

Uber's Price Gouging Reaches Obscene Levels

07 January 2016 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council today condemned ridesharing service Uber for its greed-driven approach to price gouging customers throughout the busy Christmas-New Year period.  read more
Ridesharing - it's not worth the risl

Ridesharing - It's Not Worth the Risk

26 November 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
It’s illegal and there’s plenty of reasons why. Find out what the NSW Taxi Council and the taxi industry as a whole is doing to fight ridesharing. Keep up to date with the latest information. read more
Ridesharing is no safer than hitch-hiking

Ridesharing is no Safer Than Hitch-hiking - Response to Claims from CHOICE

11 September 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council believes it is in the consumer’s interest to make them aware that if they get into a private illegal ridesharing vehicle with a private driver where there are no government-backed checks for safety and security, it is akin to hitch-hiking. read more
NSW Taxi Council

NSW Taxi Council Launches New Campaign

10 August 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Regulated taxis have robust safety systems that protect both passengers and drivers that, unlike a smart phone, cannot be turned off. read more
The law must be upheld for illegal ridesharing

The Law Must Be Upheld

31 July 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council has called for swift action to uphold the law in relation to public passenger services in light of the withdrawal of charges against 24 Uber X drivers for technical reasons. read more
Ridesharing remains illegal in NSW

Ridesharing - Don't be Conned

15 July 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Many taxi drivers are being approached to drive for ridesharing organisations. There have been texts and emails from some ridesharing firms promising money and fortunes to be made; all sounding too good to be true. Don't be fooled - it is too good to be true. read more
Alan Jones discusses the taxi industry on 2GB

Alan Jones Interview with Roy Wakelin-King on 2GB

18 May 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
On Monday 18 May, Alan Jones interviewed NSW Taxi Council CEO Roy Wakelin-King on the importance of a regulated taxi industry in the public interest. read more
A message to all NSW taxi drivers

A Message to All NSW Taxi Drivers

13 May 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
Ridesharing firms make statements to try and entice you to drive for them but you need to be aware of the facts before you make what is a critical decision for your future. read more
Kansas City Mayor Sly James

Kansas City Mayor's Scathing Speech Against Uber and Lyft

30 April 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
In April 2015, the Kansas City Management Office (KCMO) City Council in the United States unanimously approved an updated “Vehicles for Hire” code. read more