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NSW Taxi Industry Transitional Assistance Payments Tax Implications

09 May 2017 | NSW Taxi Council
This fact sheet explains the tax implications for taxi licence holders who were provided a Transitional Assistance Payment from the NSW State Government under thePoint to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016. Under the scheme, payments of $20,000 each for up to two licences have been made to eligible licence holders. read more
Rideshare drivers must pay GST from August 2015

Rideshare Drivers Required to Pay GST From August 2015

10 July 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
In May 2015, the NSW Taxi Council responded to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) announcement that rideshare drivers, including Uber X, would be officially required to fulfil their tax obligations by paying GST from 1 August 2015. read more
Ray Hadley Welcomes ATO Decision on Tax Equity for Ridesharing

Comment From Ray Hadley on Tax Equity for Ridesharing

21 May 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
2GB radio presenter Ray Hadley has called for equity for the taxi industry and ridesharing company Uber so everyone is on a level playing field. read more
ATO is seeking a level playing field for tax on public transport providers

NSW Taxi Council Welcomes ATO Ruling on GST and Ridesharing

20 May 2015 | NSW Taxi Council
The NSW Taxi Council today welcomed the Australian Tax Office (ATO) ruling that drivers for UberX will be forced to fulfil their tax obligations by paying GST. read more