Transport for NSW Develops Future Transport Technology Roadmap

02 November 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

NSW Transport and Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance MP today launched the Future Transport Technology Roadmap.

The roadmap initiative directly relates to several themes discussed at the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference 2016 held in western Sydney last month.

The road map touches on five strategies, including:

  • Personalise customer interaction
  • Transform the mass transit network
  • Foster shared, demand-responsive services
  • Enable connected, automated vehicle platforms
  • Create intelligent transport networks, managed with data

Initiatives which the Minister has announced/foreshadowed in previous weeks include:

  • Extending the functionality of Opal
  • Automating and optimising planning for timetables and other services
  • Establishing the Smart Innovation Centre to develop new initiatives to improve road safety and trial connected and automated vehicles
  • Developing data analytics and artificial intelligence to better manage the road and rail networks. 

Future Transport Roadmap 2016

Future Transport Technology Overview

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19 May 2016

The NSW Taxi Council was invited to speak at the NSW Government’s Future Transport Summit 2016 in April. We thank the Government for the opportunity. 

This was a unique occasion for the NSW Taxi Industry to demonstrate that collectively we are looking forward, listening to customers and embracing new technology in a rapidly changing customer-facing environment. 

The basis of the NSW Taxi Council CEO's presentation is as follows: 

  • The NSW Taxi Industry has been a leader in change over many decades (eg: we had the first taxi booking app in NSW) 
  • The NSW Taxi Industry is embracing change driven by technology and is actively looking into the future 
  • That in preparing for future taxi transport, we must also look at future economic and social need, particularly based on the social and economic change that is impacting on society (eg an ageing population) 
  • The NSW Taxi Industry must provide for all and not just those that use a smart phone; both now and into the future 
  • Whilst autonomous vehicles will ultimately be a part of our industry, they will not replace our industry 
  • Technology will happen no matter what and it is how we embrace it that is critical 

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Roy Wakelin-King at the Future Transport Summit 2016