Uber Thumbs its Nose at Sydney Airport and the NSW Government

05 May 2016 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council today criticises the arrogant and irresponsible actions of Uber who unilaterally announced that it will commence transport operations at Sydney Airport with little or no regard to local rules. 

Uber yesterday provided directions to its drivers on how to access Sydney Airport and in doing so: 

  • Using Sydney Airport carparks to avoid paying the airport access fee 
  • Circulating around the precinct if the free car park time limit expires 
  • Using the car parks of Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL) tenants as ‘waiting areas’ 
  • Using adjacent local residential streets as ‘waiting areas’ 

Uber: Rider Pickups now at Sydney Airport

CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Mr Roy Wakelin-King said; “it is unfortunately becoming a regular feature of the way Uber operates that they make unilateral decisions and expect people to accept these arrangements without recourse. We understand that SACL were working in good faith to come up with a solution for all point to point transport providers and Uber has just gone ahead and announced its own plans regardless of these arrangements”.

“The instructions given to Uber drivers will clog carparks, increase traffic congestion and impact on the amenity of local residents and businesses.

“These will have direct negative impacts on people who are using Sydney Airport to catch a flight or to be picked up by their friends or families, as well disturbing local residents.

“Experience overseas has demonstrated that these impacts could be significant,” Mr Wakelin-King said.

“It also comes at a time when SACL, the NSW Government and Sydney Airport stakeholders are working hard to improve traffic conditions in this highly sensitive area.  Uber appears to have little regard for the efficient operation of the Sydney Airport precinct and surrounding area.

“It is also beyond us as to how Uber can unilaterally announce that it has established ‘waiting areas’ on land which it appears they have no consent to use. Unless SACL or its tenants have agreed to these ‘waiting areas’, it is considered to be the height of arrogance for Uber to simply assume that it can operate freely on these lands.

“We don’t oppose access to Sydney Airport for any point to point transport providers, but there must be sustainable and responsible arrangements which all can abide by and not thumb their nose at. We have therefore written to Sydney Airport and relevant authorities to ensure that this is properly implemented and Uber’s unilateral and arrogant behaviour is not allowed to go unchecked.”

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