Uber's Insidious Surge Pricing Exposed

21 April 2015 | NSW Taxi Council

The NSW Taxi Council has called on regulators to act in the consumer’s interest and stop the unconscionable profiteering of ridesharing provider Uber X.

At a time when people are vulnerable during the current period of extreme weather in NSW, Uber is encouraging its unregulated drivers to price gouge customers through the insidious surge pricing system for its own profits.

NSW Taxi Council CEO, Roy Wakelin-King, condemned Uber X for this outrageous conduct and said its actions show the ridesharing company has learnt nothing from the public backlash it received for surging prices during the Sydney Siege in December 2014.

“Taxis provide essential public transport services at regulated prices so that the consumer knows what they should pay irrespective of the circumstances,” Mr Wakelin-King said.

“It is an offence for a taxi driver to overcharge a passenger and regulators should address Uber X’s illegal activities to protect the public interest.”