The NSW Taxi Council encouraging taxi drivers to do the right thing during Operation Rushmore, which aims to ensure that people get home safely at night especially those who have been drinking within the City area.

The program is a joint operation between the NSW Police and the NSW Government, and has a key focus to reduce the number of alcohol related violence and crime statistics.

The first operations commenced on 25-26 October, 29-30 November and 20-21 December. On 25 October, RMS reported a total of 12 infringements issued to taxis of which 5 were for fare refusal, and on 26 October RMS reported a total of 6 infringements issued to taxis of which 3 were for fare refusal. There were ten non-compliance notices issued to taxis on 26 October.

The next operation will be held on 21-22 March. The NSW Taxi Council is committed to:

  • The promotion of the program to drivers and networks.
  • Assigning Quality Liaison Officers to target city ranks on those specific nights.
  • Providing representation and liaison on those specific nights.

Last year 119 drivers were fined for fare refusal and it is hoped that this figure will be greatly reduced this time.