SecureCab Frequently Asked Questions     

Q. What is SecureCab?
A. The SecureCab Taxi Voucher System has been introduced to provide a safer and more reliable taxi service to licensed venues. The purpose of SecureCab is to create one common package that can be easily identified and promoted so that maximum safety and service can be achieved across NSW.
Q. As a licensed venue, how do I apply to become a SecureCab venue?
A. Licensed venues will need to discuss the SecureCab scheme with their local taxi network. Taxi networks will have access to SecureCab packs which contain all the relevant information including a Memorandum of Understanding, Implementation Guide, vouchers and all decals and posters required to get the system running.  Venues can contact the NSW Taxi Council for more information by phone on 02 93321266 or submit a question to us online.
Q. How does the SecureCab Taxi Voucher System operate?
A. The simple steps for drivers to remember are:
  • The customer asks at the bar or reception for a SecureCab Taxi Voucher.
  • The SecureCab Taxi Voucher is only provided once photo ID or venue membership has been produced by the customer.
  • The customer or bar/reception staff uses the SecureCab Taxi Voucher number to book a taxi through a participating taxi network.
  • The Network despatches the booking to a driver as a SecureCab booking with a voucher number in the passengers name field.
  • When the taxi arrives at the designated SecureCab pick up zone, the customer gives the driver the voucher to confirm the correct voucher number is held.
  • The taxi driver must not pick up the customer unless the SecureCab Taxi Voucher number matches the number on the booking.
Q. What are the advantages of the SecureCab System for a licensed venue and its customers?
Benefits to licensed premises:
  • Assists licensed premises to comply with Responsible Serving of Alcohol Legislation
  • Increased customer services for patrons
  • Customers are more assured of late night transport so feel secure to stay longer at premises rather than leaving early
Benefits to Patrons / Passengers:
  • Increased availability of taxis for late night transport from licensed premises
  • Increased safety when leaving licensed premises
  • Increased confidence that the taxi driver can be identified if required
Q. Is it mandatory for a licensed venue to introduce the SecureCab Taxi Voucher System?
A. No, it is not mandatory for licensed venues to introduce SecureCab. It is however an excellent way for licensed venues having difficulty attracting taxis (particularly late at night) due to anti-social behaviour, to attract taxis and provide a safer service for patrons.
Q. Where do licensed venues get the SecureCab Taxi Vouchers?
A. Licensed venues will receive 4 Taxi Voucher books (400 dockets) in their initial pack. Ordering of further supplies of vouchers must be discussed with your local taxi network representative.
Q. Who will pay for the additional SecureCab Taxi Vouchers?
A. The payment of additional vouchers will be discussed during the implementation phase and should be included into the Memorandum of Understanding for each licensed venue and local taxi network.
Q. When does the SecureCab System commence?
A. The taxi voucher system has been operating very successfully for several years. SecureCab streamlines and simplifies the system to provide consistency across NSW.
Q. What does a licensed venue do if there are problems with the SecureCab System?
A. If a licensed venue has any SecureCab concerns they should immediately make contact with their local taxi network.
Q. What happens when a licensed venue begins to run low on SecureCab Taxi Vouchers?
A. Licensed venues will need to maintain close control on SecureCab Taxi Voucher stock levels.   When stocks are running low, unless otherwise agreed, licensed venues should contact their local taxi network.
Q. I am a taxi network SecureCab Representative. Where will I get my initial SecureCab packs?
A. Initial SecureCab packs will be issued to taxi networks by the NSW Taxi Council.
Q. Is the SecureCab Taxi Voucher System supported by other interest groups?
A. The SecureCab System has the support of Clubs NSW, the Australian Hotels Association (NSW), NSW Police, many Local Councils and many other Government bodies including the NSW Ministry of Transport.
Q. What happens if SecureCab Taxi Vouchers are lost by the licensed venue?
A. The licensed venue will need to report this to the local taxi network. Licensed venues will need to ensure SecureCab Taxi Vouchers are kept safely secured at all times and not issued to customers unless the customer’s ID has been recorded.
Q. Can a patron still ring directly for a taxi without using the SecureCab Taxi Voucher System?
A. Yes, however once patrons become familiar with the SecureCab System most will opt to use SecureCab because it will be the fastest way to get a taxi-cab.
Q. Does a licensed venue have to set aside an area for a SecureCab taxi rank?
A. This will depend upon the venue itself.   It is preferable to provide a dedicated taxi pickup location which is in a safe, well lit location. Some licensed venues may already have a Secure taxi rank located at their venue and in this instance the Secure taxi rank should be utilised. UV resistant SecureCab decals are available from the NSW Taxi Council on request. There is no charge for the initial 2 decals. This will also assist taxi drivers to pick up patrons at the correct location. The NSW Taxi Council is also able to provide a set of taxi rank guidelines for interested licensed venues.
Q. At a licensed venue, who is responsible for the efficient running of the SecureCab System?
A. Each licensed venue will nominate a “Coordinator” to assist in the implementation and ongoing management of the system.
Q. Isn’t this just going to mean more work for licensed venue staff?
A. The only additional workload required by bar/reception staff is to provide a SecureCab Taxi Voucher when the patron makes the request and displays correct ID.   The long term benefits for each licensed venue are only as good as the effort put into the SecureCab System by local staff.
Q. Where can I get more information about the SecureCab Taxi Voucher System?
A. Please contact your local taxi network or submit a question to us online.

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