Feedback is used to ensure we continue to raise customer service quality and standards and lead the industry across all safety requirements for transport from A to B in the country or city areas.

Issues concerning safety or fares should be taken up with your Taxi Service Provider (Also known as Taxi Network) in the first instance. Please lodge your complaint directly with the Taxi Service Provider as we cannot do this on behalf of a disputing passenger. 

To lodge a complaint or compliment a Taxi in NSW, please lodge this here.  We endeavour to improve the customer service experience in our industry and hold the companies and operators accountable for their actions if they choose to continue to employ drivers who lack this standard of service in their fleet. With the passengers help, we can help reduce incidents and failure to meet these standards by reporting all illegal activity in the Point to Point Transport Industry for a safer and more enjoyable future for everyone in NSW. 

When reporting, please ensure that you can supply any evidence with details on the taxi car itself (plate number), driver ID, location of pick up, destination with the time and date. This will assist the compliance team with their investigation into any feedback that is lodged and hold the parties involved accountable.

The NSW Taxi Council is not the regulator of the NSW Taxi Industry, we are a member based organisation that advocates for the NSW Taxi Industry across all platforms from media and public liaisons, government relations, secure ranks security funding, distributing information and the applications and training for new taxi drivers in NSW. From November 1, 2017 the Point to Point Transport Regulations 2017 came into effect and the NSW Taxi Council has developed a Safety Management System and Training Program in place for all new drivers in NSW. They must undergo strict criminal history checks, english speaking and navigating tests, customer service requirements and driver fatigue management in order to even begin working on NSW roads as a registered NSW Taxi Driver through the NSW Taxi Council. If you want to become a driver please follow the links. 

If you are unsatisfied with the Taxi Service Providers response all fare offences or safety issues may also be lodged at Transport Info online, or by calling 131 500. Unresolved fare disputes can be lodged with NSW Fair Trading online or by calling 133 220.  You will need the taxi's number plate number (T000 or TC000) or the driver's number, the taxi company or taxi service provider, and the time and date of your journey. Another reason to always ensure you keep the printed receipt as it will have this information. If you ask for a receipt, the driver must supply you with one.

For all updates on the new fare estimates, pre-paid requirements and bookings please look to Transport for NSW and the Point to Point Transport Regulation regulators; the Point to Point Transport Commission for all updates.